Funding for sports clubs

Funding is available for sports clubs from the following bodies:

Advisory Council funding

The Advisory Council meet monthly to discuss and approve applications from sports clubs and associations. 

Members of the Advisory Council include representatives from the Jersey Sports Council and Economic Development, Tourism, Sport and Culture.

If you're a constituted sports club or association, you can apply for Advisory Council funding for:

  • coaching
  • equipment
  • events
  • travel

You'll need to submit a development plan alongside your application which must be endorsed by your club’s association.

The plans must demonstrate that the funding for the initiatives and programmes support the sport strategy ‘Fit for the Future’.

It usually takes around two months for you to receive any funding.

Your club must submit a performance form showing how the money was used to improve sport.

Funding for coaches and officials travelling off-island

The Advisory Council will support the development of coaches and officials travelling off-island to gain qualifications or to upgrade qualifications. You can get up to £100 per return journey to UK, or up to £100 towards a coaching course. You must show how any qualifications will benefit the club or association. 

Funding for coaching and officiating courses in Jersey

The Advisory Council will support coaching and officiating courses delivered in Jersey that develop and qualify local candidates. You can get up to £500 towards travel, accommodation and course provider fees. You must show that anyone gaining the qualifications will use them to support the development of the sport in Jersey. 

Funding for equipment

The Advisory Council will consider applications for funding towards equipment that will support the development of the sport. Your development plan should outline how a specific piece of equipment or apparatus will have a direct result in achieving the ambitions in the ‘Fit for the Future’ sports strategy.

This doesn't include:

  • clothing
  • uniform
  • consumables
  • individual or personal equipment
  • apparatus

A limited budget is available for equipment and the Advisory Council will make their decisions based on best value to meet development needs.

Funding for local events

The Advisory Council will consider applications from clubs and associations to put on local events as part of their development plan to increase membership and promote their sport.  These events should be free to the public. You can get up to £300 will be available for local events. Your application must show the expected impact of the event and how any funding will be used.

Funding for travel

Support will be provided where clubs and associations can demonstrate that individuals and teams will benefit by travelling to competitions. You could get help to travel to any UK port up to £50 for individuals, team members and officials, or international travel beyond the UK up to £100 for individuals, team members and officials.

The Advisory Council will match the level of funding for a chaperone or coach if it's needed for juniors (under 18s). This will normally be one adult for up to six juniors, but making sure there is an adult member of the same gender in any group.

You could get up to ​£50 per person for all boat travel with a car to both the UK and France, or £60 per trailer or accompanying vehicles required to transport specialist equipment on boat journeys to France or England.

Community and School Sport Department

This department can provide grants for sports clubs who are willing to provide community and school sports activities.  A development plan along with appropriate evidence of qualifications and safeguarding training will need to be provided which demonstrates how the funding requested will provide activities that support the ambitions of the sport strategy ‘Fit for the Future’, particularly with regard to the following:

  1. Provide sport activities in key locations in the community
  2. Target people who would not normally participate
  3. Tailor activities to attract young people
  4. Provide increased resource for the Community and School Sport Development team (ie by running sessions in schools or the community)

Jersey Clubmark funding

If you’re already accredited or working towards the Jersey Clubmark scheme, you could get financial support for coach education up to Level 2, or a short film to be made about your club or event.

You can only apply for funding for one coach education course per year.  You will be asked to sign an agreement setting out the terms and conditions of funding.

Level 1 coach education

You can get support for the travel and accommodation costs of the visiting tutor and the cost of facility hire. 

The following is not covered:

  • Level 1 coach education courses off-island
  • Subsistence for the tutor
  • Tutor travel costs within Jersey
  • Course fees

If your club or association is able to deliver a Level 1 coaching course in-house (without bringing a tutor to the island) you could get up to £200 towards course fees.

Level 2 coach education

You can get support for the air or ferry travel and accommodation costs of up to three candidates to travel off-island up to three times in order to achieve a Level 2 coaching qualification.  You can also get funding for up to 50% of the course fees for these candidates.

The following is not covered:

  • Subsistence for the candidates
  • Bus, train or taxi fares

If your club or association is able to deliver a Level 2 coaching course in-house (without bringing a tutor to the island) you could get up to 75% of the total cost of the course depending on the number of candidates.

National Governing Bodies

Some governing bodies provide funding to those clubs that are affiliated to them.  Some provide additional incentives for those that attain UK Clubmark standard.  See for further information.

The One Foundation

The One Foundation is a charitable organisation benefiting sport, culture and community projects in Jersey. The Foundation provides professional support and financial assistance to ensure individuals, teams, non-profit making organisations and community based projects are able to achieve their full potential. See for further information.

Private Sponsorship

There is lots of useful information on sponsorship on the Sport England Club Leaders website, from developing sponsorship opportunities to sponsorship servicing, See

Travel companies providing support for clubs and associations

Condor Ferries currently offer a 15% discount in fares for clubs and associations.  In order to apply for this, please contact

Blue Islands provides low-cost air fares for clubs and associations and allow free name changes up to 1 hour before departure.   Please see the 'group bookings' contact details on the Blue Islands website or email

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